Photos of the Chapel 




Eighteen magnificent gaslights provide a golden, surreal glow each evening,
creating a romantic ambience rivaled only by the outer reaches of imagination.




Students and friends of Wizard Academy gathered from as far away as Canada, Mexico, Germany and Australia to witness the unveiling of Wedding Chapel Dulcinea just as Passover - the day of new beginnings - began. Many of the people in this photo provided the funding for construction.  The date, April 23rd, was chosen because Cervantes, the most celebrated voice in Spanish literature, and Shakespeare, the most celebrated voice in English literature, simultaneously graduated from this life on that day in 1616. It was a day of new beginnings.


Dulcinea is not a religious figure, but an imaginary woman - a projection of all that is good and right in the world - in Cervantes' 400 year-old work of fiction, Don Quixote de la Mancha.





Chapel Dulcinea extends past the edge of a cliff.
To be married, you have to walk out over the edge.
Pretty good symbolism, wouldn't you say?








The better photos on this page were all by by Speedy Peacock.

The fuzzy ones we took ourselves.



Dulcinea's bell tower houses a 28-inch Meneeley bronze church bell cast in
Troy, New York, in 1882. The 160 year-old oak door leading into the bell tower
(above) is 10 and 1/2 feet tall and is opened following the second "I do."
The newly joined couple then pulls the rope together to announce their union to the world.

Looks like a postcard, doesn't it?
These photos were taken by Wizard Academy graduate and
benefactor Speedy Peacock, an accomplished professional photographer.
Speedy's website can be found here.

Below is architect Marley Porter's original rendering of Chapel Dulcinea.

During construction, the decision was made to raise the ceiling and
lengthen the cedar beam-struts that hold up the clay tile roof.
Other than this, the chapel was built precisely as drawn.
It is truly an architectural marvel.













Chapel Dulcinea sits on an ancient walking trail. 
It is a wonderful place to sit and think.