In 2005, we opened Chapel Dulcinea to the public as a free wedding venue.


But is it really a free wedding chapel?


Not technically. It’s free to you, but it doesn’t run on magic and wishes.


It costs over $200,000/year to maintain the Chapel and pay the support staff that enable us to offer free weddings to one and all 363 days a year.


That cost is partially offset by the donations of grateful brides and grooms, but it has mostly been Wizard Academy's founders, Roy and Pennie Williams, who have covered our shortage each year since 2005.


But the day is approaching when we won't be able to rely on their ability to do this for us.


When Roy and Pennie were married in 1976, they had to hold their rehearsal dinner in a Pizza Hut because they had no money to do otherwise. A free wedding chapel is one of the many ways they’ve decided lend a hand to couples in love who may be in a similar situation.


If you are one of the couples or families that could easily afford another wedding venue but chose the Chapel Dulcinea simply because you fell in love with it, here are a few ways you might consider helping keep Chapel Dulcinea open and free.


1. Donate your cancellation deposit to Chapel Dulcinea. All you have to do is let the staff at the Welcome Center / Enchanted Emporium know that you won't be expecting a refund check on the day of your wedding.


These $200-$400 donations are significant to the future of Chapel Dulcinea. Will you join Roy and Pennie as investors in the future of thousands of other couples in love?


 2. Become one of Dulcinea's Darlings, donating $10/month to help keep Chapel Dulcinea open and free. Roy and Pennie have prepared a personal gift they would like to give you in return.


This next part is extremely important to us.


If you're one of the many couples who are in the same situation Roy and Pennie were in when they were married...


We built this wedding chapel for you.
Yes, it really is free. No strings attached.
Chapel Dulcinea is our gift to you.
Think of it as the investment of perfect strangers in you and in your future.
When you're able, we know you'll do the same for others.


We don’t want anyone to feel intimidated into donating and we don’t want you to feel guilty about getting back your cancellation deposit. 


But we know we can't keep relying on Roy and Pennie forever.


Have a great wedding!


Have a happy life.


Daniel Whittington,
Vice-chancellor, Wizard Academy