Q: Why did we build
     a wedding chapel?

A: We believe marriage is more
     than just a piece of paper.

We believe something magical happens in a wedding.  
You can enter into a partnership without a wedding.  
But to enter into a partnership exchanging oaths and
promises through an ancient ritual bound by the
strength of law . . . well, that's a whole different
level of commitment.

Q: Why is Chapel Dulcinea FREE?

A: Our business school, Wizard Academy,
teaches the value of long-term commitment;

Commitment to your customers.
Commitment to your employees.
Commitment to your core beliefs.

Chapel Dulcinea is our symbol of long-term commitment.

We dedicate it to couples who want their wedding day to be an intimate celebration (not a spectacle) because weddings shouldn't have to cost a lot of money.

                       ~ ~ ~

Are you one of the rare few who will help keep the chapel free?

Our Welcome Center is open 7 days a week.

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Fax: 512-394-9821

Email: Information@ChapelDulcinea.org

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