The Famous Free Wedding Chapel

Happy Weddings Happen Here.                            Visit from 8AM to 8PM, 7 days a week.

Chapel Dulcinea sits daringly on the edge of an ancient walking trail on the Wizard Academy campus, approximately 20 minutes southwest of downtown Austin.

Yes, it's an outdoor chapel and the weather isn't always perfect.  But life is like that, isn't it?  Anything can happen.

Walk into your marriage with open eyes, ready for whatever might come your way, even on your wedding day.

We believe marriage is more than just a piece of paper.



Hand-chiseled stone benches provide seating for 12. Capacity under the roof can accommodate about 50 guests. Another 100 would be able to view standing in the extended patio area. So, we can host up to 150 but please know that Dulcinea is a small chapel.

Be sure to register at the Welcome Center immediately upon arrival to see if a wedding is in progress.

                                       (The Welcome Center is inside Enchanted Emporium.)

Relax - you've already found the perfect partner and now you've found the perfect place to  .  .  .                  Keep It Sweet & Simple!

                                 Remember to ring our historic church bell after you say "I Do"!